【采样包】Cymatics LIFE Ambient Recordings Pt.1&2 - 某研究院

【采样包】Cymatics LIFE Ambient Recordings Pt.1&2

Cymatics公司推出的环境音效采样包,涉及风、水、地等多个元素的声音 暂无详细介绍 下载链接
【采样包】Cymatics Lofi Starter Pack - 某研究院

【采样包】Cymatics Lofi Starter Pack

Our favorite Lofi samples, compiled from our best released packs! We’ve released a ton of amazing Lofi packs over the years, and for this pack we included some of the very best sa...
【采样包】Cymatics Eternity Sample Pack - 某研究院

【采样包】Cymatics Eternity Sample Pack

Cymatics公司出品的Lofi Sample Pack,暂无介绍 17 Basses 62 Drum Loops 102 Drum One Shots 53 FX 100+ Melodies 31 MIDI 23 Tape Loops 48 Vocals 下载链接
【采样包】Cymatics Apex One Shots Vol.3 - 某研究院

【采样包】Cymatics Apex One Shots Vol.3

Our most popular synth one shot collections, Apex, is back with Volume 3. Analog synthesizers can produce some of the most rich and unique sounds that Vst’s just can’t quite emul...
【采样包】Cymatics Euphoria Vocal Sample Pack - 某研究院

【采样包】Cymatics Euphoria Vocal Sample Pack

Cymatics公司推出的人声采样包 暂无详细介绍 下载链接 链接: 提取码:df30
【效果器】Cymatics Diablo Lite Plugin Win+Mac - 某研究院

【效果器】Cymatics Diablo Lite Plugin Win+Mac

Cymatics公司推出的效果器,炫酷的界面,操作简单,功能强大,能做出失真、增益等效果,为808底鼓添加更强大的力量! 暂无详细介绍 下载链接 Win:链接: